Preparatory course "Russian as a foreign language"

The Russian State University of Tourism and Service offers foreign applicants to take a preparatory course "Russian as a foreign language". The duration of the program is 12 or 18 months. After successful completion of the course, students receive an official certificates and can continue their studies in the main programs of secondary special education or higher professional education: bachelor's, master's or doctoral programs.

Name of the program
Russian as
a Foreign Language
Total hours
Class hours
Independent work, hours
Tuition fee
130 000 RUB.

Documents required for admission to the preparatory course

Copy of passport
with translation into Russian
and notary certification
Original document of the previous education
6 color photos 3x4 cm
Health certificate issued by an official medical institution
Health insurancefor
1 year
Send all necessary documents to the email:

It is necessary to obtain a study visa

For issuing an invitation.
Provide scans of all completed pages of the passport and a notarized translation of the passport into Russian.

After receiving the invitation, a prepayment of 50% of the agreement value is required, which is the basis for a single entry visa to enter the Russian Federation.

Payment of the remaining amount is the basis for a visa extension for the entire period of study, but not more than 1 (one) year in accordance with applicable migration laws.

State duty
for visa extension
1 600 RUB per year
Dormitory 2-4 people per room
from 1 200 RUB per month
Health insurance
6 000 RUB per year
for program

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