Общежитие / Кампус РГУТИС

Campus of RGUTIS is a large and cosy campus with a developed infrastructure and a size of 22 hectares, which is located in the Moscow region in 30 minutes far from the capital with good transport accessibility:

  • eleven academic buildings;
  • four dormitories;
  • eleven outdoor sports fields, modules and sports halls;
  • the picturesque park area with garden houses, art objects, walking paths;
  • the river and the beautiful flora and fauna of the Moscow region;
  • chapel in honour of Prince Alexander Nevsky;
  • medical centre;
  • museum space;
  • student canteen;
  • own boiler house and printing house;
  • open stage;
  • centre of culture and leisure for students.

Dormitory №1

Head of the dormitory №1:
Lyudmila Petrovna Lepeshkina
103 Glavnaya Street, bld.1, dp.Cherkizovo, Urban district Pushkinsky,
Moscow region
Number of residential rooms:
234 rooms

Dormitory №2

Head of the dormitory №2:
Vladimir Borisovich Lepeshkin
103 Glavnaya Street, bld.2, dp.Cherkizovo, Urban district Pushkinsky,
Moscow region
Number of residential rooms:
234 rooms

Dormitory №4

Head of the dormitory №4:
Sofia Vladimirovna Shahbazyan
11 Naberezhnaya Street, dp.Cherkizovo, Urban district Pushkinsky,
Moscow region
Number of residential rooms:
97 rooms

How to check into a dormitory

Step 1

Applying for admission to the University, in the Admissions office in the application you put a mark opposite the item “I need a place to stay in a dormitory”

Step 2

You prepare a package of documents:

For Russian citizens:
  • medical certificate form 086U (make out in the clinic to which you are attached);
  • fluorography (it is important that it is valid at the time of settlement - its validity period is 1 year);
  • passport + copy of passport;
  • 4 фотографии размером 3х4.
    (!!!Будьте внимательны: только для общежития требуется 4 фотографии. Дополнительные фотографии будут нужны для сотрудников Высшей школы, чтобы оформить учебные документы (студенческий билет, зачетная книжка и т.п.)
For foreign students:
  • a valid voluntary health insurance policy with a validity period of at least one year. The specified insurance policy can be purchased at the RGUTIS Medical center;
  • original document confirming the chest examination: fluorography or x-ray, valid for no more than 1 year from the date of the examination;
  • original certificate from a dermatologist about the absence of skin diseases (validity period-2 months);
  • original blood test report for RW-syphilis (valid for 2 months);
  • original blood test report for RW-syphilis (valid for 2 months);
  • original report on blood testing for HIV infection (valid for 3 months);
  • original report on blood tests for hepatitis A, B, and C (valid for 2 months).
  • документ, подтверждающий прохождение иностранным гражданином или лицом без гражданства обязательной государственной дактилоскопической регистрации и фотографирования, выданный Министерством внутренних дел РФ.
If these documents are provided in a foreign language, you must have a notarized translation at the same time.
Step 3

You look at the schedule of checking in the hostel for the new school year.
The schedule is posted on the University's website and published in the RGUTIS Vkontakte group on the 20th of August.

The question often arises here: Can I check in on a different day?

If you need to get tickets in advance, you can plan your arrival on any weekday of the last week of August. If possible, everyone will be checked in, but first those who arrive according to the schedule. You need to understand that the process of checking in is not very fast, it takes about 15 minutes for one student to complete all the necessary documents. Imagine if too many students arrive to check in on the wrong day, plus those who check in on schedule, it may happen that there is simply not enough time to check in everyone. That's why we ask you to try your best to arrive on your day specified in the schedule. When you check in, you will need to fill out a contract, get a warrant, and make a payment. The head of the dormitory will give you a key to the room and an electronic pass.

Step 4

You pack your suitcase.

В комнатах есть вся необходимая мебель (кровати, письменный и кухонный столы, шкаф, тумбочки и книжные полки). Шторы, подушку и одеяло выдают, но можно и привезти свои. В общежитии для первокурсников есть холодильники и телевизоры, стиральные машины, и утюги и чайники общего пользования. Имеется свой тренажерный зал. В комнатах запрещено использование электрических чайников (ими можно пользоваться на кухне), микроволновых печей, мультиварок и прочей бытовой техники

Be sure to bring it with you:

  • linen:
  • personal care items;
  • dishes needed for the first time;
  • warm clothes.
  • личная аптечка*

Don't take too many things. At first, it is difficult to calculate the room capacity. You can buy almost everything here.
Don't forget the package of documents!

*Содержимое аптечки:
в аптечку могут входить: лекарства, тонометр, электронный градусник, бинт, пластыри, перекись водорода и т.д. - все, что может понадобиться в вашем конкретном случае

Step 5

Last but most important step!

A legal representative (usually a parent) must accompany minors. If you come with a relative or friend, you need a notarized power of attorney from your parents for the person accompanying you to fill out the documents.

Заселение проходит с 9:00 до 18:00. Оплата за проживание производится после заключения договора, когда у тебя на руках будет договор с присвоенным ему номером, в терминалах банка в холле 1 этажа главного корпуса. Стоимость проживания для студентов 1 курса - 3000 рублей в месяц.

Use the map to navigate the campus.

General information

Across the street there are shops like Pyaterochka store, pharmacy and also a hairdresser, small cafes.

By shuttles № 581 and № 509 you can get to the shops of Auchan/Leroy Merlin, by train from the railway station Tarasovskaya you can get to the shopping center "Europolis" (Severyanin railway station). From the railway station Mytishchi you can get free buses to the store Auchan and the shopping center "June", also at the railway station Mytishchithere is a large shopping center "Red whale".

From the Campus to Moscow, you come to the metro station "Medvedkovo" by shuttles № 581 and № 509 (payment by contactless card is cheaper) or to the metro station "Komsomolskaya", if you go by train from the railway station Tarasovskaya.

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