Work with disabled and handicapped people

Educational programs

If it is necessary, training of disabled and handicapped people is carried out on the basis of adapted educational programs, taking into account the peculiarities of psychophysical development, individual capabilities and health status of such students.

The learning process can be organized together with other students, or in separate groups.

Accessible environment

The University has created a barrier-free environment that allows disabled and handicapped people to feel comfortable.
There are conditions to ensure that students with disabilities and handicapped people can freely access buildings, classrooms,rooms for individual work, restrooms and other spaces, as well as stay there.
Some of the classrooms are equipped with special computer equipment and supporting tools for people with sight and hearing disabilities.

Logistics of educational activities

The educational space includes classrooms and rooms for individual work, equipped with computers with Internet access and a specialized workplace for people with disabilities, equipped with a video magnifier, a Braille keyboard and sound-amplifying equipment.


The library provides individual support for low-mobility groups of users (students with disabilities and handicapped people of independent movement). Such category of people can use the call button at the entrance to the library to create conditions for the accessibility. Students with disabilities and handicapped people are provided with electronic educational resources in forms adapted to their health status.

Employees of the University who accompany the educational process of disabled and handicapped people can send their login information by e-mail or provide direct access to the electronic educational resource (Electronic library system(ELS) or system storage of final qualification and other works of students (VKR-VUZ)) through the closed part of their portal (Electronic information and education environment). Visiting ELS remotely with a username and password outside the University (including initial user registration) significantly facilitates the accessibility of information resources for this category of people.

The version for people with sight disabilities and the ability to enlarge the font size helps to create equal conditions for access to useful and necessary information for people with sight problems working with electronic resources.The reading room has places with audio text perception for readers with hearing disabilities. Students who study according to individual plans at home have the opportunity to get a virtual consultation of the librarian on the use of electronic content.


The assistant provides Individual support of disabled and handicapped people on the territory of the University. He or she helps the applicant and the student to enter the building, as well as to move around the territory and to leave the University. If it is necessary, the assistant, warned with a sound signal about the appearance of a disabled library user or a person with physical-movement disabilities moving in a wheelchair, accompanies him to a specially adapted room and provides the necessary help.

Natela Mikhaylovna Adleyba
office 1127


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