About University

RSUTS was founded in 1952 as a Higher School of handicraft cooperation. During its more than a half of a century history, the University has developed into a major institution and become a leader among the Russian higher educational institutions, which prepares professionals in the field of services and tourism industry.
RSUTS is a very large and modern University in Russia. It has 7 departments and 5 branches in Russian Federation. RSUTS’s campus is located in the picturesque suburb of Moscow, just 40 minutes drive from the Red Square. The other two departments are located in Moscow city.
The teaching staff includes not only doctors and professors, but also professionals who run master classes. The university attracts faculties from various countries including the U.S., Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Hungary. Those professors lead open lectures, round tables, workshops and seminars in regard of the advanced technologies in tourism, service and hospitality. RSUTS undergraduate and graduate students, faculties have the possibility to perfect their skills by participating in exchange programs and internships in France, USA, Cyprus, Greece, Austria etc.
RSUTS allows students to choose from the following education forms: full time, part time.
The University has been conducting training of specialists for foreign countries since 1985. There are 960 international students in the University today. Those students have come from CIS countries, the Baltic States as well as from farther countries such as USA, Germany, China, Mongolia, Chad, Congo, Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria, Cameroon, Tanzania, Gambia, Philippines,  Cuba and others.
RSUTS aims to create a multicultural, tolerant, interactive environment with the culture of understanding and respect for the students, open mindset, interactive culture, and religious tolerance.
Foreign university students are involved in various activities and festivals such as: "Republic Day", "Friendship without borders " and "Culture of Russia’s Regions", "World Poetry Day", "International Day of national cuisine", "Literary Evening", "International Scientific Conference", Moscow student parade , as well as "Day of Knowledge" and "Dedication to freshmen". During these and other events, foreign students not only get acquainted with Russian culture, but also demonstrate their cultures, national characters, costumes, ethnic cuisine, dance, music, traditions and values of their country.
Arranged are celebrations of birthdays, holidays and national holidays of the Russian Federation .
Arrival arrangements for foreign students include: meeting at the airport, organizing primary medical examination, resettlement in a dormitory on the principle of ethnic tolerance, conducting an orientation meeting with regards to the terms and rules, familiarization with the campus and surrounding towns, sightseeing tours around Moscow

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